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Click here for more info! is the website of veteran bigfoot researchers, John & Montra Freitas.  It is their goal to investigate, prove or disprove the existence of undocumented creatures, delve into and record unexplained phenomena, and inevitably, find the truth. For years these explorers into the unknown have  witnessed and experienced phenomenal activity  while conducting expeditions and field training. With techniques developed by John in the early 1990's, along with multiple lures, pheromone chips and the assistance of like-minded and sane researches, John and Montra continue to seek scientific proof of the elusive creatures in the darkest regions of remote forests.  Come along and face your fears with the BlueNorth team as they walk stealthily into the shadows...

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UPDATED 06-29-09

We have been extremely busy working on multiple projects, however one in particular will be of interest to avid researchers.  We are currently creating a show called "News from the Black Box".  This news show will be hosted by us, as we interview experts in the field of bigfoot research, paranormal investigations, and other newsworthy phenomena and interesting subjects.  We will be doing live "in the field" webcasting with video and audio as we go on-site to interview witnesses, investigate reports and probe into each case to find the facts. We will also be broadcasting future bigfoot expeditions from remote regions of the Pacific Northwest, as we set up our equipment and search for more evidence of the elusive creature. The show will be free streaming video & audio, completely by us (no commercials!) at a higher rate than YouTube or any other free video service. There will be no annoying programs to download, just click on the streaming video link provided at the time of the Black Box broadcast which will be posted on this website. Stay tuned for further info on this exciting new endeavor!


Interview & Interrogation 3 DVD Set - (to be released 2010l through & )


Mission Night Scream 2009 - Expedition & HD Filming (Fall 2009- details forthcoming - will be available on DVD


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